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Welcome to pervontheblock. We hope that you enjoy your stay here. ^^ Looking for our askbox? Hover over our name above this and you'll find it!

Hey Everyone!

Admin Katy here! Just wanted to let you all know that I changed a lot of things on the blog! So now the layout should be a lot easier on the eyes when it comes to reading the scenarios and things should be a bit more organized!

I hope that you all like it! And let us know if anything is wrong! ^^

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[!] Update

I’m so sorry that it took so long for POTB to come back up. I was busy studying for finals and then I got bronchitis. So it was basically one thing after another and I just ended up not having time for this. But now everything should be up and working and I hope that you like the changes that we made!

I will be working on drabbles and scenarios for everyone. So keep your eyes open for those as well! ^^

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[!]New Idea!

Hi everyone! This is admin Katy here. First, I just would like to say that I’m so sorry I’ve been so slow lately and not giving you all any scenarios. And I have a pretty good reason for it… Well, at least I’d like to think it’s a pretty good reason.

I’ve been burnt out with writing scenarios. I think it’s because of how much smut that I wrote for all of you. Before you all start thinking that I’m gonna stop, I’m not! I’ve just decided to go a different route for a little bit…

For a while I think that I want to try writing drabbles based on one word that people might like to send it. It’ll help get my creative juices flowing and everything. But I’m going to only do drabbles that don’t include smut.I think it’s good for me to branch out and do some other things besides smut right now. And I hope that you all can understand. ^^

So if you want, send in a one-word prompt and I’ll work on drabbles in my free time~

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[!] Block B Official FB page - Take down the MV photos PLEASE.


To, BBCS in Vietnam

Guys, It’s serious. I saw the picture already..
You know what I mean right?

Shut down of your photo album if you don’t Stardom Ent. can do something really SERIOUS on you.

I’m begging you..

How come you ever thought you can do this to us…

We’re really all freaked out.


P.S- Guys, this is Monica Park from Stardom Ent. It’s 12:41am and I am speechless. Help me.. please.


cr:Block B FB page

Please take down all of the pictures posted on tumblr so far. This is quite serious and Stardom Ent is very, very upset right now. PLEASE be respectful and take all the photos down - including edits. Do not spread them. Do not post them on other websites. Do not leak anymore. Please just listen to these guidelines and wait patiently until Block B’s comeback. This isn’t right.

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Hi everyone

This is just a post saying that Katy and I are not dead, and we are in fact working on a project for you guys right now! In the meantime, please don’t think that we’re abandoning this, because we’re not^^


P.S. If we reach 1500 followers by April 14th, there will be a big surprise!

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Just to let you all know~

WE’RE BACK. ^^ We’ve bee pretty busy this past few months with our personal lives. But you know what? KC and I are back and we’re writing again and hopefully more scenarios will be coming out now. It might be at a slower pace then when we first started out, but we’re going to slowly come out with more and more. KC’s written a couple so far and I have a few that I’ve been writing right now.

So keep an eye out for that! ^^

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